U.S. Senate Acts to Secure the Grid

A bill passed through the U.S. Senate last week that will help secure the power grid, which relates to this blog because my thriller Patriarch Run realistically depicts the vulnerability of our critical infrastructure. That part of the book isn't fiction. You can learn more about our vulnerability in my Discussion Guide.

The Critical Infrastructure Protection Act (CIPA) was originally drafted by people I know. As I became increasingly alarmed by the gravity of this national security threat, I got more and more involved in solving the problem, which has afforded me an inside look at the politics of the issue. The CIPA referenced above was included in the latest National Defense Authorization Act, which is what passed the Senate last week. Among other things, the bill does the following:

  • Requires the Department of Homeland Security to establish a new national planning scenario focused on threats to the electric grid
  • Requires the Department of Homeland Security to develop plans to protect the electric grid and other critical infrastructures

To read the bill go to section 1913 at this link.

Benjamin Dancer

Benjamin is the author of the literary thriller Patriarch Run, the first book in a series that will include Fidelityand The Story of the Boy. He also writes about parenting, education, sustainability and national security.

Benjamin works as an Advisor at a Colorado high school where he has made a career out of mentoring young people as they come of age. His work with adolescents has informed his stories, which are typically themed around fatherhood and coming-of-age.

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