Ted Koppel: Devastating Cyberattack On America’s Power Grid Likely

Ted Koppel released his book Lights Out in October, 2015. Lights Out is the non-fiction version of my novel Patriarch Run. It details why we are so vulnerable to a cyberattack on our power grid. In my novel the bad guy wants to take down the grid as a means to commit mass murder on a scale never seen before in human history.

In this brief video, Koppel states that a cyberattack on the grid is likely, that such an attack would devastate our civilization and that the government has no plan to deal with such a catastrophe. Koppel also confronts the accusation that this topic is peddling in hysteria. He states emphatically that the internet can be used as a weapon of mass destruction, and that our electric power grids are a target.

You can watch an interview with Ted Koppel on this topic here.

Benjamin Dancer

Benjamin is the author of the literary thriller Patriarch Run, the first book in a series that will include Fidelityand The Story of the Boy. He also writes about parenting, education, sustainability and national security.

Benjamin works as an Advisor at a Colorado high school where he has made a career out of mentoring young people as they come of age. His work with adolescents has informed his stories, which are typically themed around fatherhood and coming-of-age.

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