Renewable Energy to Solve Climate Change and Protect the Grid from EMP

Sandy MacDonald, the former director of the NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory, published a piece in the Washington Post, 2 June 2016, detailing the conclusion of a study he and a small team at NOAA conducted on renewable energy.

The electrical power system proposed in this op-ed dramatically reduces CO2 emissions. Sandy also thinks the system can be used to harden our grid against EMP. It's worth a read! 

Benjamin Dancer

Benjamin is the author of the literary thriller Patriarch Run, the first book in a series that will include Fidelityand The Story of the Boy. He also writes about parenting, education, sustainability and national security.

Benjamin works as an Advisor at a Colorado high school where he has made a career out of mentoring young people as they come of age. His work with adolescents has informed his stories, which are typically themed around fatherhood and coming-of-age.

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