“In Patriarch Run we have a first-rate novel, full of intrigue, excitement and gorgeous prose, as well as a gripping exploration of our gendered culture and the poignant moments and difficult decisions entailed in coming of age. Without being heavy-handed about the right choices, Dancer provokes our much needed questioning of the rules by which we live.” - TERRY A. KUPERS, M.D., Professor at The Wright Institute, author of Revisioning Men’s Lives and Prison Madness


"Patriarch Run is a compelling coming-of-age story that explores the universal longing for a father." - DAVE STALLS, co-founder of Street Fraternity, former CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado


“This thoughtful thriller invites readers to consider both motherhood and fatherhood on multiple levels—emotional, psychological, even practical. A gripping coming of age story, Patriarch Run demonstrates the real meaning of mature self-acceptance in the face of terror, trauma and abandonment.” - GLORIA DEGAETANO, founder and CEO, Parent Coaching Institute

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